Selling Rules

Selling Bowls on Bowls Trader

Bowls Trader is pleased to introduce a “Classifieds” section which will provide the opportunity for bowlers from all across the U.K. to advertise their bowls for sale. We offer a range of packages to suit individual needs:


7 day advert

Up to 5 photos


14 day advert

Up to 5 photos

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21 day advert

Up to 5 photos

Featured listing

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Upon purchasing a package you will be contacted by BowlsTrader to request the following information:


          Make, model, size, bowl colour, disc colour & engraving

          Condition grading (A, B, C or D) (see below)

          Product photographs

          Selling price (including Postage & packaging charge)

          Seller contact information



Condition Grading


      Bowls Trader refers to specific visual indicators for grading condition. By accepting our terms and agreement and agreeing to list on our website, the seller/user agrees to abide by these criteria. To clarify, the seller/user should note the following for each grade:   

NEW – Unused and in original packaging.

      GRADE A – New condition or minimal use. No scratches, chips or disc damage. No engraving to discs. Typical maximum use of 1 or 2 games.


GRADE B – Excellent condition. Minimal surface scratches, no chips or disc damage. Typical maximum use of 1 season. 


GRADE C – Good condition. Plain/single coloured bowls: Moderate surface scratches, minor chips and/or minor disc damage. Speckled coloured bowls: Moderate surface scratches, no chips and/or minor disc damage. Typical maximum use of 2+ seasons.


      GRADE D – Below average condition. Considerable surface scratches, chips and/or damage. Typical maximum use of any period.     


Your product(s) being listed by Bowls Trader

Bowls Trader will contact you within 48 hours of purchase. Bowls Trader aims to list your item(s) as soon as possible. However, please allow up to 3 working days from the date of you providing the product information. Bowls Trader will not be held responsible for any delay caused by your failure to respond to our request for product information.


Sellers/Buyers Responsibilities

Please note:  Bowls Trader are not responsible for the sale of the goods listed in our classifieds section. We act purely as an advertising agent and will not be held responsible or liable for loss or damage caused as a result of any transactions.

We recommend that any potential buyer uses good practice when contacting sellers through the classifieds section. As you would with any distance selling, we suggest viewing the goods prior to purchase or paying by a secure means should there be any discrepancies. Sellers, we recommend that you do not dispatch any goods before receiving payment in full. Any decisions either party decide to make in contrary to the above are done so at your own risk. 

We ask that Sellers provide as accurate information as possible when listing their product(s) on Bowls Trader.

Sellers please be aware that the information you provide will be made public (i.e. contact information) and by accepting our terms and conditions you agree to this.