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My name is Steve Broome and I am the bowler behind Bowls Trader. I began playing this great game at 6 years of age. The early days involved waiting for my fathers team to finish their home matches so I could grab a few ends whilst they had their sandwiches in the clubhouse.  At some point, my father noticed some potential in me and made the decision to join the Nabb B.C. in Oakengates, Telford. Here I flourished in an environment that was really encouraging for youngsters; I went on to make selection for both junior inter league and county teams.


During recent years I have played for several crown green clubs in the Shropshire Premier League and have had reasonable success in various competitions, the most notable being at the Isle of Man festival. In 2007 I began playing indoor bowls as a way of keeping my arm in during the off season and now compete nationally on the Open Singles Circuit (OSC).


As an experienced bowler I have played with several makes of bowl over the years. For crown green, I currently use a Thomas Taylor Deluxe Low Density in 2lb 08oz. I find this combination perfect; the bowl sits nicely in my hand and being less dense than standard finishes well on a medium to heavy green. Indoor I use Drakes Pride Professional (4H) which has a mid bias draw line and is suitable for most speeds. 


It isn’t always simple finding the the right equipment and clothing though … and that’s where Bowls Trader comes in!


The idea is to provide a convenient and cost effective experience. Bowls Trader aims to deliver affordable bowling to everyone. We are based in Shropshire and specialise in sublimated sportswear, which is personalised and unique for each customer.

We're on a mission to bring some colour to our wonderful game and we supply team shirts to many clubs from all over the U.K. Why not consider us for your next club order ...


The Bowls Trader goal is simple: help more people enjoy our wonderful game!


Whether you’re a seasoned bowler, or someone considering taking up the sport, with over 25 years bowling experience I can help you. Browse our current stock today!



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If you need any assistance at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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